A wide range of products such as AC and DC UPS, Rectifier, Switch Mode Power Supply is presented. Now the 4th generation of products with Tavan Pooyesh brand are available in the market.
  • UPS Standard

    Standard UPS

    D3000 series is a general purpose UPS for a wide range of applications like building management systems, data centers, hospitals, etc. D3000 supports online topology that economically deliver a clean and disturbance free output.

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  • Pic UPS inds. 02

    Industrial UPS

    D4000 UPS Provide your Industrial devices a clean, reliable and robust power supply to eliminate a lots of power quality disturbances . D4000 is designed for noisy and low quality utility power at input as well as heavy duty and dynamic loads at output. Redundant typologies D4000 offers an excellent reliability factor for your critical devices.

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  • Pic. Rrct.


    DC equipment can now be supplied with system ratings up to 2000 KVA with C6000 Series. Robust industrial structure in 2, 6 and 12 pulse types, intelligent load sharing and user friendly interface are features C6000 offers.

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  • Pic. Inv.


    N4000 is a high quality and reliable AC supply for heavy duty applications. Robust and industrial design, high reliability in presence of dynamic loads and hot repair capability are some of the features N4000 offers.

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  • Pic. Battery

    Battery & Accessories

    We have providing our customers with the best choices of battery by presenting and supporting a lots of international well-known brands. Nickle Cadmium , Lead Acid Plante and Sealed Lead Acid batteries are presented with their accessories.

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  • Pic Form.

    Battery Formation Equipment

    F5000 is a automated system consist of intelligent rectifiers, local controllers, water bath controllers and a main server which perform battery formation operations in battery production lines. Many Practical features are available such as 3 to 12 channel units, charge and dis-charge modes, user programming editor and central database to save and report process details.

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    Ground Power Unit (GPU), G4000 Series are solid static sources intended for supplying air plains and helicopters in airports and hunger. G5000 has no rotary part and deliver low noise and high efficiency power in 28VDC or 115V-400Hz base.

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  • Pic. Hz

    Frequency Converter

    Power frequency exchange between AC sources is possible with Q4000 series. It deliver high efficiency, low noise and small size and is available in 50Hz, 60Hz and 400Hz models.

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We help you along the whole product life cycle, from project lay-out to the after sales technical service, by providing close, flexible and customer oriented assistance that ensures we keep long-term relationships with our clients and partners of the industrial sectors.
  • Engineering

    Design & Engineering


    Technical information presented by our specialists will help you to find the best solution.

    Custom Design

    System integration based on a wide range of products and equipment customization capability provided, allow you to design what your project exactly need. .


    Company will provide you with a full documentation of the purchased products and training courses for operators .

  • Construction



    An industrial fabrication setup accompanied by an experienced team, has enabled us to manufacture a wide range of products.

    Test & Inspection

    Test and laboratory facilities are available for our costumers to perform any factory acceptance test (FAT) .


    Transportation, installation and putting into operation services are available at the costumer site.

  • Support 01

    Technical Support

    Guaranty & Warranty

    Company provides 1 year guaranty and at least 15 years warranty for the products.


    Spare parts and maintenance services are available for all products.

    Overhaul & Recycling

    At the end of the warranty you can either do an overhaul and stat another warranty period or sell product to the company for recycling operations


Component Suppliers

The best international brands have been chosen to meet your demands.
  • Saft
  • Mitsubishi
  • IXYS
  • Legrand
  • Kendeil
  • Infineon
  • Lumel
  • Fuji
  • CooperBussmann
  • Vishay
  • ABB
  • Electronicon
  • Schneider
  • Semikron
  • Siemens
  • Westcode
  • Epcos
  • Mersen